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About us

When you truly love something, this can’t help loving you back. Isn’t it the same with music? The way we connect with it or interact with it - there is always something magical about you. You can’t see it, but you know it’s there. Just like many profoundly great, yet simple things in life.

It all happens unexpectedly. Your first encounter with music is something you don’t quite remember, however, the consequences of it bear with you throughout the whole life. This is something we all have in common, so no one really knows when the story of our Vinyl Clock Art began, we only know that there was music and we wanted to be seen.

Looking at all of the piles of dusty vinyl LPs made us feel their solitude and sadness. That’s how we found out the human compassion works for inanimate items as well. If destiny indeed exists, ours is connected with music in tangible form and we hope to spread the word about it to the farthest corners of our globe. Our goal is to help you connect with things you love the most.

We know that all the new things are the well-forgotten old things. Now it’s time to make vinyl records look fresh, new and trendy. Come to join us on an exciting journey through the art world of what you love the most and let it complete you.

See you on the other side of music,
Vinyl Clock Art (est. 2018) Creative Team.